Trees are an important addition to any garden or landscape plan. Taking proper care of them can mean the difference between a healthy, vibrant addition to your property and a decaying, accident-waiting-to-happen problem. Learning and practicing is the best way to learn how to manage your trees. Are you searching for an experienced tree surgeon? Real Home Improvements employs highly skilled tree surgeons in Burnley. Any type of foliage is a possibility for our arborists who are professional. Here are some essential tips for caring for trees.

Take Care of Your Trees

You will need to choose the right tree to add to your property. Tree care starts with choosing the right tree for your property, where you want it to be planted and shopping for the qualities you desire. You should carefully consider the location before you plant a fruit-bearing tree. Wild life may be attracted to it at higher traffic levels. You can also choose the best spot to plant your tree.

Prune Trees with Intention

Pruning your tree with intention is one of the most important tips for tree care. It is important to look at your tree carefully and decide what shape and what areas need to be cut. You should know when is the best time to prune your plants. Most plants prefer winter when they are dormant. You may have to cut off the season if your plant is suffering from disease or has suffered an injury. Talking to an arborist is a great way to ensure the best timing and maximum benefit for your tree. A certified arborist can offer advice about how to prune your tree safely.

Fertilize your trees

A tree, like all living things, needs the right nutrients in order to thrive and function properly. Different soil types can result in different soil nutrients. It is possible that your tree needs some nutrients if it isn’t growing new healthy leaves and looks vibrant. It is also possible to have the soil tested, which will help you determine what needs to be done. Our tree care tips can help you adjust to your specific tree needs.

Tree Diseases: Act Fast

It is important to act quickly and appropriately when it comes to diseases. You should act quickly if you are able to diagnose and treat the disease yourself. You should immediately contact a professional if you spot something. This will ensure the tree’s health and prevent the disease spreading to nearby trees.


Mulch your trees frequently is a simple, yet highly effective tip. Healthy soil can be promoted by applying high-quality garden mulch to the tree’s base every other month. Mulch protects soil from wind and other weather elements. Mulch is also beneficial because it can be broken down and added nutrients to the soil, which in turn provides food for trees. The mulch encourages the growth of worms and other macroorganisms, which will enrich the soil. Important: Keep the mulch away form the trunk to prevent rot and decay.

Take Care of the Soil Below the Drip Line

A valuable tip for tree care is to care for the ground around your tree’s roots. Trees should be free of suckers, heavy growth and weeds. If you have fruit bearing trees, ensure that any fallen fruit is removed from the tree’s base and cleaned up regularly. Dead fruit can cause disease and rot in your tree trunk. Pest infestations can also be caused by the fruit. Aerating the soil around your tree is a good idea. Keep at least three feet from the tree’s base. You can use a pitchfork to dig into the soil, panning out evenly and then circling the tree. This is a crucial step to help a tree grow a stronger root system. This will allow the nutrients and water to reach the roots more easily and make the soil more tolerant to water.