Blue Light Glasses from SmartBuyGlasses 

Although the sun is the biggest emitter of blue light, digital screens like mobile phones and laptops produce it too. The blue light wavelengths pose a threat to our eye health that you need to be aware of. In the worst cases of overexposure to blue light, the eyes age prematurely, and sleeping patterns are disrupted. 

In response to such information, one is faced with two options. The first is to reduce the time spent looking at digital screens. However, in the modern world, we are more and more reliant on technology, so this is a less appealing option. The recommended solution is therefore blue light glasses. SmartBuyGlasses offers the most excellent service called zFORT™. This is a lens coating that can be applied to any glasses you choose, and it will solidly protect your eyes from blue light wavelengths. Another alternative is to purchase a pair of blue light filtering glasses to block out the threatening blue rays. Such products are highly recommended for those that spend considerable amounts of time on the phone or on a laptop.

What is Blue Light? 

The rays emitted by the sun come in all sorts of colours, from red to orange, yellow to green, and of course, blue. Each ray is different, and exhibits a varying level of energy and wavelength. The blue light rays actually have a much shorter wavelength than the rest, but their energy levels are much more intense. The human eye is therefore at risk, owing to how easily the blue rays can penetrate the retina of the eye.

Are there any advantages of blue light?

As a matter of fact, there are. Although it is widely known that blue rays can damage the human eye, the waves aren’t all bad. Some blue light exposure is necessary for improving our memory and mood. Blue light also helps the body regulate our sleeping patterns, and contributes to the development of children’s eye health. 

On the other hand, too much exposure to blue light can severely damage your eyes and potentially threaten your general health. Sufferers of digital eye strain often report trouble sleeping, frequent headaches and dry or tired eyes. Such symptoms can grow to affect your day-to-day life, and in the worst cases, have a negative effect on mental health. It is therefore strongly advised to be cautious of blue light sources.

What is zFORT™ ? 

zFORT™ blue light block technology was recently introduced by SmartBuyGlasses. It is a powerful feature that is effective at shielding the eye from blue light wavelengths that range between 380 and 500 nm. This protects your eyes and your overall health is better preserved.  

Opting for blue light glasses means that your enjoyment of screen time can only increase. The benefit of zFORT™ is that you can turn any pair of glasses into blue light blockers, and look effortlessly stylish while protecting your eyes. In addition, it is offered at an excellent price point, so computer glasses are now accessible to all, just as they should be. 

Reasons to Invest in zFORT 

Here is a quick guide to the best benefits of zFORT™. We believe them to be essential to preserving your eye health and continuing to enjoy your screen time in the digital era we know today.

  1. zFORT™ shields you from blue light, which is essential when working on a computer, gaming or watching TV for extended time periods.
  2. Continuous exposure to blue light rays can increase the risk of eye strain. zFORT™ will put a stop to this. 
  3. The technology will therefore facilitate a good night’s sleep and reduce the risk of premature eye ageing.