Carrom “Nok Hockey” is a great way to have fun

Carrom was kind enough to sponsor this post and play Carrom Hockey.

Did you know that October 16th is National Unplug Night? It was new to me, but it is something I can’t deny. It would be a great benefit for our family. Nok hockey my DH is on his laptop/computer all the time. We are surfing, surfing, blogging, and working even when we are not watching TV. My girls will steal my iPad or phone if I’m not there to supervise them.

Recently, I was offered the opportunity UnPlugwithCarrom to review their Carrom Nok Hockey hockey game. I was thrilled BMXMuseum to oblige. This game was new to me. I didn’t open the package immediately after I got it. I made TEE, ‘S’ and waited for it. Then, I started to build suspense.

We were all pleasantly surprised when we finally opened the package. Carrom Nok Hockey came in a large package that contained a wooden board, two hockey sticks, and two pucks. The tabletop board measures approximately. It measures approximately 35″ L x 23″, W X 1.8″ H and weighs in at 8 lbs.

A few days later, we were hit by a severe thunderstorm in NJ. Our neighbors and those nearby lost power. It happened in the evening. We spent as much time outside as possible. We had to go in eventually. It was too difficult for the girls to face the reality of not having power, internet or gadgets. “S” however, was not afraid to ask me if she could play Carrom Nok Hockey. We had our #UnPlugwithCarrom on that night, and it was by candlelight. The girls had the best time of their lives and were delighted.

My review Of Nok Hockey

It is well constructed. Its structure impressed me. It was strong and fitted perfectly over our breakfast table. This is the height that I feel my girls would prefer. They are not durable and the plastic sticks are thin. Carrom is known for making high-quality wooden board games. I don’t know why they chose to use plastic sticks over wooden ones. The solid wood circular pucks move easily over the board.

For smoother and faster movement, wax the board prior to use. They should have provided a small sample to test the wax. I tried to find out what type of wax was needed, but couldn’t find it on their website. We decided to use it anyway and didn’t need any wax. It is possible that I am missing something. However, it would have been wonderful if the wax had been included.