DJ’s Vintage “BMXMuseum” Gallery

Gary Sansom owns BMXMuseum. where you can view more than 50,000 vintage BMX bikes. He also has hundreds of classic BMXMuseum bikes stored in his basement – he was an experienced rider in the early 1980’s.

How did you get to the BMXMuseum?

Since 1969 I have been riding bicycles. I began racing in 1978 with some friends. I have enjoyed riding my bike for the freedom it offers.

Ride with friends was a great way Hockey Finder to travel, beat boredom and get where you want. After riding so much, we decided that it was time to visit the local track. Then the fun began.

I was raised in many places. I raced in Boise and then moved to California where I raced on several tracks. Aptos, Watsonville, and Gilroy are just a few.

The ABA was running racing at the time. I raced as beginner, BMXMuseum novice, and then as an expert. It was great fun racing, as the bikes got lighter and better in the early 80’s.

In 82, I was among the top 200 experts. It was a points system. The riders who got to more races and/or nationals were awarded more points. They also received a higher national number at year’s end. Although I was fast enough for a sponsorship, I did not get to see all the major racers.

You live in Portland. How is the BMX Museum Scene?

The BMXMuseum scene is lively and varied in Portland. I’m familiar with street riders, street riders, and racers.

Each year, we all get together to see a show. I also attend each type of event and still ride BMX almost every day, street and skatepark. Although I haven’t raced for a while, there are tracks that I ride occasionally. Mollollala and Newburg are just a few of the tracks I ride. You can also find many single-track trails and pump tracks, which are great fun.

How did you manage to have 300 vintage bikes in your basement?

There are 600 bikes in my collection, including 400 frames sets and 200 complete bikes. They are my favorite thing about me. I have been on a quest to find the best all-around bike. I also like to preserve the history and evolution of BMXMuseum.

I am available to give tours by appointment of my collection/basement occasionally.

In the future, I would like to display more bikes and catalog every BMX Museum in the world. I enjoy riding new bikes and have contributed to the development of a few retro-series bikes. There are more in the works.

There are so many amazing bikes at the BMX Museum. Neal Wood’s Phil Wood frame is the only one. This cover photo shows Neal Wood jumping through a ring. It also includes Neal Woods prototype, 24kt Gold Hutch Trickstar replica, and my custom-commissioned 24 Hutch Judge.