WWE Smackville: Results Triple-Treat Match for The WWE Championship

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Tonight’s match will see two titles on the line. The first title will be a rematch between Shinsuke Nakamura (c), and Finn Balor for wwe smackville Intercontinental Championship. The main event will feature a triple-threat match between Kofi (c.), Dolph Ziggler, and Samoa Joe for WWE Championship. Between the two matches, “The Drifter,” Elias, will perform a musical Blitz Football performance or get interrupted. Tune in tonight to see if there will be a new champion.

This is how the WWE Smackville Intercontinental Championship title matches are introduced?

Nakamura uses a microphone to say “No Finn.” Nakamura asks the referee for help in counting. Halfway through the count, Ali’s music starts. He enters the ring, and he promises to take Balor’s spot.

Finn Balor pulled from WWE Smackville Update on His Health

Tonight’s WWE Smackville special was broadcast on the WWE Network. It was revealed that Finn Balor had been injured and would be withdrawn from his Intercontinental title match against Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura won the title by wrestling Ali.

WWE reports that Finn Balor has not been cleared to compete tonight!

The Extraordinary Man cannot heal at superhuman speed, so he will have to miss tonight’s title rematch. It will be who takes his place. Next, we’ll find out!

WWE Smackville Intercontinental Championship Nakamura VS?

The King of Strong Style doesn’t have to worry about Finn Balor rematching, but will that open him up for a more difficult form of competition?

Nakamura gets up on the mic and declares, “No Finn?” No match. But I forfeit.” Nashville doesn’t like that sound. The bell rings, and the count must be ten. Nakamura smiles as he watches the ring. The count reaches 8. But then, out comes… MUSTAFA ALI. The Beacon of Light wanted this title so he’s now taking it! Shin, you said one thing correctly. Finn will not be able to compete tonight. Ali is the only person who knows how to miss out on opportunities. Ali will not let another opportunity slip by him. Ali challenges Nakamura to defend his title! The title is awarded to the champion who accepts the challenge! The champion makes his introductions, the bell rings and the substitution begins!