Jaguars badminton tourney opens with a bang

JEDDAH: Witnessed by countless participants And audiences in the Olympia Sports middle Badminton Courts, the Jaguars Badminton open up 2014 Tournament formally kicked off just lately.

Leo Tito Ausan, Jr., Consul General of this Consulate General of the Philippines, Jeddah, along with Zaher, Recruiting Senior Supervisor of all both Bupa Arabia, attended the launching ceremonies. Sarawat super-stores’ Finance Manager,” Bamousa, came afterwards on to see those matches.

Sarawat Super-stores, among those top Supermarket chains in Saudi Arabia, may be the significant host with the yearly championship organized with the Jaguars Badminton Club. Other patrons include: Alesayi Motors, Bupa Arabia, Solafah Al Sharq Trading Firm, Ltd, McDonalds, APSCO (Exxon-mobil ), Skyfreight along with New Cabalen Cafe.

The launching ceremonies started as Engaging players and clubs, attired in bright uniforms, paraded throughout the balloon-decorated badminton courts. Jaguars Badminton Club authorities, led by Chairman Gerry Rabang and its own associates would be the very previous you to parade from the stadium.

Subsequent to the singing of this Saudi and also Philippine Domestic anthems,” Gerry Rabang recognized the distinctive visitors, host agents, team chairpersons, guests and participants along with spared his gratitude with them. He specially thanked both important and small patrons and the participants then voiced his admiration for his team co-officers and associates to get their whole devotion and devotion.

Zaher of all Bupa Arabia, in his motivational conversation, Voiced his shock to see an extremely attended athletics occasion also also thanking every one else for his or her own service.

Leo Ausan,” Jr. subsequently sent his speech Donating Jaguars Badminton Club for continued to arrange these tournaments that are worthy, and conveyed his admiration and gratitude for the patrons as well as the individuals to get their own service. He subsequently contacted his co-Filipinosin prep to its federal electionsto save time to stop by the Jeddah Consulate place of work to its Absentee Voting enrollment.

Participating clubs Within This Calendar Year’s championship Include Avocado, Battledores, Beaufort, Desert Falcons, e lite B-C, Faisalliance, FLEEQ, FBB, Hataw, IBC, Indian Tigers, Jaunty, JBC, Jeddah Green, KAIA, KINC, Malabar, MBA, MBC, Pak Tigers, PBB, PHOG, Pak Tigers, Red Sea Dragons, Shuttle Eagles, Slashers, Smaikers new-gen, Smash Arabia, enjoyment Badminton Club in your Eastern location plus a few impartial players it absolutely turned out to be a close competition for its’Greatest in crew Uniform” as lots of nightclubs exude spectacular colours and layouts in their own pajamas. The award had been fundamentally acquired by Smash Arabia whilst next place moved into Desert Falcons and next party destination for a KBC. The”Finest Workforce Banner” was likewise acquired by Smash Arabia. All distinctive award winners received decorations and Sarawat coupons.

Khyle Acosta of all FLEEQ directed the gamers’ oath of all Sportsmanship and following the serve from the visitors of honour, specialized Head Rupertson Ng of all Jaguars announced the tournament available.

Photography team Pinoy Tambayan cared for Photography throughout the ceremonies and also the matches suitable.

The master of ceremonies of this occasion has been Jaguars’ Secretary Michael Ranir Martin even though associates of all GANAP functioned as championship marshals.